At Zakti Media Services, we believe media services (monitoring, evaluation, reporting, digital marketing, brand marketing and content development) to be the key-building block of strategy planning and business performance management. As an organisation, we combine the talent, speed and cost benefit to offer unparalleled value of services across industry verticals.


Zakti Media Services is one of India’s only ‘Total Media Solutions’ companies. We understand the significance of media and its vital contribution in shaping the growth of an organisation. Our experiences in working for UK and US based clients have strongly influenced in our belief of using media as a platform to reach larger audience and consumer. We aim to go the extra mile, taking clients from information to recommendation. A key driver is allowing our client to access information in any place, any time.


Kamal Singha – Co-Founder
Kamal Singha brings his strong analytical skills to change the perception of Media in India. With over 9 years of experience in the field of Media, he has converted his every thought into expansion of this vast medium to communicate and reach to business units and consumers alike. He foresees Indian media to mature in the coming years and has his every move in helping that turn into reality.

Kamal is also known for his creative writing skills and during his free time he indulges into writing poems and blog. He truly is an Indian when it comes to worshipping cricket.

Jheel Parekh – Co-Founder

Jheel Parekh comes with over 7 years of experience pertaining to the Media and specialises in operations and growing business units. She brings with her strong business acumen and consulting expertise gained during her previous stints with Manthan Services, Groupon India and more recently with Blueocean Market Intelligence. She has a strong background in media monitoring and content development vertical and provides strategy driven support to end clients.

Jheel holds a Masters degree in Communication and is an avid blogger with an entire blog dedicated on Karma. She spends most of her free time in pursuing her hobby in studying Aromatherapy.

Dhimant Parekh – Board of Directors

Starting The Better India more as a personal project to know more about the change-making individuals and organizations, Dhimant has been responsible in making the brand and its presence the way it is today. He is also an author and a blogger and holds a management degree from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. He currently works for a start-up in Bangalore and helps run The Better India’s outreach programs, getting more people to know about this initiative.

Pallabi Hazarika - Visionary Support

Pallabi Hazarika has over 6 years of experience pertaining to Information Technology and IT support. She brings with her strong business acumen and consulting expertise gained during her previous stints with Timken. She has a strong background in Japanese language and  tech support and provides strategy driven support to end clients.

Pallabi holds a Bachelors Degree in Socialogy from the reputed Lady Shri Ram College New Delhi and has completed 2nd Level JLPT. Currently, she is mushrooming young minds at DPS, Guwahati.

Reethi Rai  - Visionary Support

Reethi is a dynamic writer who believes in delivering original researched work which is not just well phrased but search engine friendly too. She has worked as a freelancer & developed descriptions for products for e-commerce portals, have written content for business and finance domains, worked on PR activities for auto/entertainment/health care clients, marketed articles for websites, developed newsletters and brochures, and optimized web page content too. Reethi has worked for companies such as Yahoo and more recently at Thomson Reuters.